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About Gazraj Security

Gazraj Security Guards Pvt. Ltd is a security and investigation firm based out of Noida, and provides around the clock services to top MNCs and Indian firms throughout Delhi. They are the leading business in commercial security services and have over 3000 guards working for them, as well as other employees.

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What was the Business Problem?

With a strong presence throughout Delhi, Gazraj Security faced issues when trying to verify reporting time and location of employees. Manually tracking the check-in and check-out time of thousands of guards across the city was also proving to be a herculean and an expensive task requiring a lot of administrative manpower. Gazraj was looking for a simple and effective digital solution to this issue, and Growthfile stepped in.

Why was it important to address this issue?

The effectiveness of a business depends on the punctuality of employees and proper utilization of their work time. CEOs of companies who have employees spread throughout a city often find it difficult to manage them all and to evaluate their performance. A Harvard Business Review study in 2016 found that companies with a systematic location-based check-in tool functioned 30% more efficiently than companies that relied on more traditional methods.

Growthfile is easily the best and most inexpensive tool available in the market for companies to effectively manage their employees.

What was the solution?

Gazraj decided to utilize Growthfile’s free services to track the work done by their guards. Instead of having to call or text or ask for locations on chat apps the managers now received a daily Footprints report with the check-in time of their employees, duty location, hours worked by them and distance travelled. This allowed them to ensure 100% compliance.

The documentation of duty data also helped to avoid any disputes or misunderstandings with clients.

What was the impact?

Improvements were observed soon after the company introduced Growthfile to its employees. The security guards started reporting for duty on time, and the company recorded a 60% boost in this regard. The manager was able to see the precise location and time of employee check-in with little effort. This led to a reduction in administrative costs that were otherwise dedicated to tracking guards and ensuring duty completion.

Client disputes dropped considerably and customer satisfaction grew by 40%.

A complete workflow optimisation was achieved and the company performed much more effectively.

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