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About IND Innovations

IND Innovations is a global ICT solution, consulting and managed services company headquartered in New Delhi, India. They have several high profile clients including Huawei and have a strong presence in over 30 countries. In India, they have close to 500 employees who go out in the field and carry out services.

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What was the Business Problem?

Naturally, a company as diversified and dynamic as IND Innovations had several logistical and administrative issues that were cropping up. Their employees had to go on long-term assignments to different towns and cities to help set-up networks and execute any servicing.

The company was finding it highly complicated and time-consuming to constantly call up employees and inform them of assignments or to receive updates. Furthermore, there was no accurate and reliable way of evaluating their field work. It was at this point that Growthfile stepped in.

Why was it important to address this issue?

Supervising each and every employee is a near-impossible task for any business enterprise, but it is highly important to know the whereabouts of your field employees. It gives a clear and comprehensive idea about your company, which becomes useful for future decisions

Business revenues are dependent on the functioning of employees, so it becomes crucial to monitor them in an effective way. As per a 2018 GlobalData study, only 48% employees efficiently use company time and resources.

Growthfile is one of the best tools out there to assist in this regard.

What was the solution?

IND Innovations created an Office account on Growthfile and instructed all of their employees in India to join it, download the mobile app and check-in regularly.

The smooth, simple interface of the app ensured that everyone was able to navigate it with ease. Employees were informed that their performance and compensation were dependent on their timely check-in and documentation of work done in the app.

What was the impact?

The company noted that in the week following Growthfile’s introduction, on time duty reporting by employees and their efficiency shot up by almost 30% and the numbers continued to surge.

The CEO was regularly updated about employee performance and received clear, coherent daily reports about the work done. This made it convenient to arrive at informed decisions regarding the company, and to free up company time for other productive outlets.

Optimisation of employee performance and maximum utilisation of company time was soon reported by the company!

A thorough optimisation of work delegation was accomplished.

Optimisation of employee performance and maximum utilisation of company time was soon reported by the company!

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