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About Mind Edutainment

Mind Edutainment is a leading Education Management firm based out in Gurgaon, and has partnerships with schools across the country. They have over 60 teachers who are sent to particular schools to carry out their tasks and instill High Order Thinking Skills in the mind of every student.

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Team size
Employee performance and attendance Increased
What was the Business Problem?

Mind Edutainment is an ambitious company with the aim of having a strong national and international presence. However, managing the various teachers and agents on their payroll was a very daunting and strenuous task.

The CEO decided to employ the services of Growthfile to help streamline the process of coordinating with employees spread all over the country.

Why was it important to address this issue?

Most companies rely on traditional methods to manage their geographically dispersed team. This is detrimental for a variety of reasons, not in the least being that it is time-consuming, ineffective and unprofitable.

Work distributions, reimbursements, compensations and incentive calculations are crucial concerns of any business enterprise, and ones like Mind Edutainment require profitable assistance in that regard. Growthfile was able to deliver just that.

What was the solution?

The Growthfile team rose to the challenge and came up with the solution of adding the schools as customers in the office that was created in the app. Thus, the CEO was able to manage the assignments and all of it was communicated to all the employees without any delay.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive functioning of the app made all of it highly convenient. Timely notifications were sent to the employees about updates and to check-in on the app.

Moreover, the daily Footprints report provided the CEO with a clear snapshot of his employees’ performance.

What was the impact?

The process of streamlining employee coordination freed up a lot of company time that was well spent in other profitable outlets.

Employee performance and attendance also shot up by 40% after the app was introduced.

The CEO was able to identify efficient employees and delegate a greater amount of work to them. Incentives were calculated based on the data from the daily report, to ensure that only deserving employees were rewarded.

A thorough optimisation of work delegation was accomplished.

Employee performance and attendance also shot up by 40% after the app was introduced.

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