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About UserTense Digital

UserTense Digital is a leading digital marketing agency based in Hyderabad. They have attained massive success in helping clients leverage digital channels to engage customers and drive sales. They are a 20 member strong team including Business Development, Sales, Operations and delivery.

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Productivity Increased
What was the Business Problem?

As the business began scaling up the CEO started facing issues with employee attendance. Locations of staff, their check-in and check-out time and other factors were getting difficult to manage and keep track of. Additionally, biometrics was an expensive option that did not help them when it came to travelling salesmen. This inability to keep precise track of the work done by their staff also created invoicing issues with clients. UserTense wanted an inexpensive, highly dependable and mobile solution for this critical issue and this is where Growthfile came in.

Why was it important to address this issue?

Monthly salary and company budgeting depend on the punctuality and productivity of staff; lost time can be very harmful for companies. According to a 2017 CareerBuilder study, 49% of employees were revealed to show up late to work at least five times a month. So, getting your staff to show up on time becomes very important.

They also needed to ensure their field salesman reached customer locations on time to prevent misunderstandings with clients.

What was the solution?

UserTense decided to use Growthfile’s free app to get a clear snapshot of the work done by their staff. This included daily check-in time, attendance data, distance travelled, photos of the job done and customer ratings to give a full picture. The data was then linked to staff compensation, reimbursement and incentive calculation to ensure 100% compliance.

They also solved the problem of time theft by making Check-in compulsory for all employees including travelling agents who had to Check-in at regular intervals with location data. Furthermore, in order to avail travel reimbursements a photo check-in of all visits had to be recorded in the app.This tackled the issue of fraudulent reimbursements.

Travel time data, record of attendance and photo proofs also made it easier to document data for insurance purposes and labour law compliance.

What was the impact?

The CEO started noticing immediate changes as more and more employees began arriving on time at 9 AM and working till 6 PM without fail. Earlier this was true for only around 50% of their employees, with the introduction of Growthfile this shot up to 90% within just a few days. Travelling agents too started to reach their clients on time in 85% of cases, which was a huge improvement from the earlier 40%.

More work got done with the same number of employees once Growthfile was introduced.

Payments were also processed much more efficiently and clearly by incorporating data from the daily Footprints report.

A complete streamlining of the workflow was achieved, saving the company a lot of money, time and effort.

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