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What is Growthfile? keyboard_arrow_down

Growthfile is a free mobile app that collects proof of work done in field jobs using GPS, photos and customer ratings.

How does Growthfile work? keyboard_arrow_down

Growthfile works like a GPS-enabled mobile register that keeps a log of every location worked at by your field staff during the course of a day. This includes customer visits and duty visits. The log entries are supplemented by photos and ratings given at the end of every visit.

All of this data, which we call proof of work done, is then combined and emailed to the owner in the form of a daily Footprint report.

Who is Growthfile for? keyboard_arrow_down

Growthfile is useful for anyone who employs, manages or supplies field staff working in locations such as malls, office buildings, hotels, apartment complexes, retail shops, schools & colleges, hospitals, etc.

How do I use the Growthfile app? keyboard_arrow_down

Just Check-in to make an entry at every work location, upload photos of work done and end your visit with a customer rating.

Why should I use Growthfile? keyboard_arrow_down
  • Free mobile app for unlimited users, anyone can download and start using it.
  • Free app for lifetime.
  • Easy to register your company and set-up an account.
  • All your proof of work collected in one place.
  • Get Paid in Full.
How is Growthfile better than a chat app? keyboard_arrow_down

People often use chat apps to manage remote workers. This is inefficient and time consuming.

Growthfile is superior. It collects clear proof of work using GPS, photos and ratings, and summarizes it into a daily email report called Footprint, making it easy for the owner/manager to access the proof anytime.

How to set-up Growthfile for your company? keyboard_arrow_down

It is super-easy to set-up a Growthfile account and takes less than 2 minutes.

Step 1 - Register your company here to create an Office - this will generate a link.

Step 2 - Share the link with your staff to add them to the Office.

They can then download the app, Check-in and start making entries.

Is Growthfile an employee tracking app? keyboard_arrow_down

No, Growthfile is NOT a tracking app. It is a mobile register that keeps a log of GPS entries made by your field staff, while on location.

We, at Growthfile, believe that not only is tracking expensive, but that it is invasive and erodes the trust between employee and owner which leads to a deterioration in relations. Employees who feel they are being watched every moment, do not do their best work.

Tracking apps also drain battery making them very inefficient and high maintenance.

What all is free in Growthfile? keyboard_arrow_down

The following features are all available for free in Growthfile:

  • Mobile app - Free for unlimited users, anyone can download it and start using.
  • Footprint reports - Daily email reports with a summary of the proof of work done by your staff are free for lifetime.
What is Premium Support? keyboard_arrow_down

Premium Support is available at [email protected] . It can be used for setting up company details such as:

  • Location tagging for branches, customers and unknown.
  • Products
  • Sales tracking
  • Payroll
  • Reimbursement policy
  • Duty scheduling
  • Job completion tracking
  • We charge a one time set-up fee of Rs. 50,000 for the above which includes one year of Premium Support. From the second year onwards the annual maintenance fee is Rs 10,000/-. All charges are paid in advance with GST extra.