Automatic reports

Growthfile sends automatic reports on daily activities like payroll, reimbursements & payment reports. Reports are verified, created and automatically sent by email every day to authorized users who have verified their email id.

Users can also use these reports to audit expenses and follow up with employees who are not completing tasks. Individual reports are also sent to employees in their apps automatically so they can improve performance.

XL bulk upload

Admin users can upload bulk data using spreadsheets on or send an email with attachments to [email protected] to get alerts with success and failure status of uploads.

Activities upload will instantly get updated and mobile app users will get instant notifications to improve execution effectiveness.

Picture proof claims

Pictures are sufficient proof for most activities when they are taken from verified locations and are reviewed and approved by supervisors. This feature in our mobile app ensures company gets check-ins, claim, check collection, goods receipt, delivery confirmations that are supported with picture proof and verified and approved on the platform.

Pictures are shared along with reports and are available for audit for 100 days before they are archived.

Free mobile app

Growthfile mobile app is free to download and can be used by employees, suplliers, customers and partners without any limits. When users check into your branch or customer location we automatically pick up and process this information for payroll, reimbursements and staff allocation.

Users can also use the app to apply for leave, attendance regularizations, get duty notifications and upload claims with photo attachments for proof. Download our app to try today.