It Pays To Automate Vendor Payments

Reduce cost and manual effort in accounts payable with easy payments,
auto-reconciliation and accurate financial statements

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More than just automation

Growthfile reduces the need for manual mediation in procure-to-pay processes. Its GST-based B2B wallet also helps bring down the time, effort, and cost in managing accounts payable.

GST based B2B wallet for frictionless payments

  • One-click payment settlement
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Balance updates and instant report downloads

Improved & error-free information exchange

  • Reduced manual effort in uploading documents - no invoice “slips through the cracks”
  • Improved quality and accuracy of data
  • Transparent information exchange with vendors
  • Savings in reconciliation and correction efforts

Vendor Portal for easy access

  • Transact, view updates and download reports
  • Easy coordination

What you can look forward to

Easy Payments

Growthfile’s GST based B2B wallet makes it much easier to pay against invoices and track them. This allows you to scale up your vendor network without a matching increment in resources dedicated to AP processing.

Hassle-free Tax Compliance & Auditing

Our payment network comes with built-in GST and TDS compliance for the ease of your accounts department. It cuts tedium while reducing vulnerability to adverse audits.

Effortless E-Procurement

Growthfile makes e-procurement possible with all vendors, regardless of their digital status. You can now procure goods & services online hassle-free from any vendor without worrying about quality or delivery. Request quotes, put out bids, select suppliers and track delivery – all at the click of a button.

And one thing that remains the same

No change to existing software

Our solution doesn’t require you to replace or make costly changes to existing software. All it takes is a simple file transfer to solve all your payment problems.

Accounts Payable Automation that allows finance teams to work smarter

With Growthfile your finance team can increase accuracy, avoid costly errors, minimize risk and focus on driving key metrics without wasting time on manual transactions and uploads.





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Why Growthfile is the right solution for automating vendor payments

Vendor payments the old way

Manual communication for Purchase Order/ Quote submission process

Management overhead due to poor vendor systems

Physical invoices with manual posting into ERP

Manual account reconciliation

Collaborating with partners the old way

Vendor payments the Growthfile way

Submit POs & receive quotes directly online and select vendors

GST based vendor portal allows for easy tracking & management

Vendors can generate GST-compliant automated invoices that are directly posted into your ERP

Automatic account reconciliation

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