Walk Into The Future of Facility Management

Growthfile is an integrated facility management platform that automates, end-to-end, all workflows connecting tenants with owners and management involved in the running of commercial real estate.

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Be everywhere

Know what’s happening on every floor of every building at the click of a button. Get total visibility on all your assets, vendors & employees and leverage the data to ensure a world class experience for your customers.

Locational Intelligence At Work - The Where Factor

Where is the problem?

Rely on smart sensors, QR Codes & IOT to automatically transmit data on issues that require resolution.

Where is the right vendor?

Find the best fit vendors, track their SLAs and compliance, and get the most out of partnerships with Vendor Quality Scorecard.

Where does the job flow?

Relax with the assurance of consistent job completion courtesy smart, embedded checklists. Know who did the job and who assigned it. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Where is the risk?

Are your tenants & customers happy with the property? What are your operating costs vs asset quality? How do you fare against competition in the same segment? Stay ahead with cutting edge insight mining tools like tenant NPS & property comparison scores (Property Rank).

Future-Proof Your Facility

AI Supervisor

Intelligent location based task assignment, and monitoring & tracking of employee performance, removes the need for manual oversight and reduces errors.

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Digital Nervous System

Smartphones, embedded sensors & QR codes are the neuron-bots of the digital nervous system for your facility - automatically capturing and transmitting data on a variety of issues.

Automated Work Order Management

Set the rules for Who does What, When and Where and let Growthfile do the rest.

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Downtime Immunity

Avoid asset downtime with baked-in ML efficiency that continuously improves scheduling of repairs & maintenance activities. Keep your customers happy & satisfied at all times.

Optimise Spends

Spend money where it matters. Rely on actionable insights to prioritize capital investments in ways that boost customer satisfaction, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve brand image.

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The Future is here. Where are you?