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Who is OnDuty For?

If you have employees that work at customer locations then OnDuty is the perfect app for you.

With OnDuty you get a daily statement about each job without having to be there!

Now know the

Employee clock-in time




Customer satisfaction

Features that make OnDuty the perfect tracking app


Our GPS works in most customer locations and cannot be faked.



Your employees can upload photos as clear proof of the job done.

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Customer rating

Get an instant rating from your customer at the end of every visit. This verifies the job and provides support at the time of billing.


OnDuty Daily Statement

A simple and clear statement detailing all employee activity is sent to you daily.

How OnDuty tracks employee activity

  • Employees go to customer location and open app to start duty
  • Upload photos of the job as proof
  • Click on FINISH JOB to end duty
  • Request customer rating to verify the outcome
  • Instant notifications help you stay updated throughout the day
  • OnDuty daily statement sent to your inbox the next morning

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